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         Deyang fulida drilling supply limited. Was established in 2007, the company is located in sichuan province luojiang industrial park, covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, is a production enterprise committed to production and sales, the company has a large molding equipment, large injection equipment and material selection material production equipment. The company has high strength core box series products. The main production and sales of products are: plastic core box, core split prototype, core split prototype blade, core split boot accessories, core cutting machine, core cutting machine saw blade, core storage rack, etc. Our company with high quality product quality and perfect service, constantly improve and surpass, the products sell well in the country, and exported to many countries, the company's products are rich, complete specifications, to meet the requirements of different customers; The plastic core box produced by our company can fully meet the requirements of cold and high temperature conditions, by the customer's praise. The company faces the market challenge, pays close attention to the enterprise management, lays the solid foundation, and has implemented the product production process tracking and the product quality tracking, causes the quality "zero defect" consciousness to take root in the staff, cooperates with furida company, you will get the quality reliable product and the high quality service. The company in line with the customer first, the integrity of the first business test; Adhere to the principle of good service and reasonable price; Continue to expand the scope of business, develop and produce more products to support customers' diverse choices.
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