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        01Core Boxes, inseam of 1m
        02Geological core box
        03Inner length 0.8m core box
        04Oil and gas core box
        05Core cutting machine
        06Core splitting
        07Sample bag
        08Core Storage Shelves
        09Core marker
        10Sample Splitting Sieves
        • BQ Plastic Core Boxes

          Inseam Length:1m
          The width of each slot :48mm
          Length of Cores to hold:6m
          Lattices Nos:6
          Weight: 2.2kgs (approx.)
        • NQ Plastic Core Boxes

          Inseam Length:1m
          The width of each slot :55mm
          Length of Cores to hold:5m
          Lattices Nos:5
          Weight: 2.2kgs (approx.)
        • HQ Plastic Core Cases

          Model: HQ
          Size: 1070×385×70
          Inseam Length: 1m
          The width of each slot : 69mm
          Length of Cores to hold: 4m
          Lattices Nos: 4
          Weight: 2.4kgs (approx.)
        • PQ Plastic Core Cases

          Model: PQ
          Size: 1070×385×93
          Inseam Length: 1m
          The width of each slot : 92mm
          Length of Cores to hold: 3m
          Lattices Nos: 3
          Weight: 2.8kgs (approx.) 
        • Covers for Core Boxes

          Weight: 1.3kgs (approx.)
        • Location for Core Marker Cards

          In mid of the handle is the location of core cards for convenience for logging and storage.
        • Stockpile of Core Boxes Full of Cores

          It shows the HQ plastic core boxes stockpiling in storage. 
        • Fix of Core Cases

          Black ring shows how to fix the two plastic core Cases together so as the keep safe storage of the plastic core Cases. 
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